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Are you on Shopify and migrating across from MailChimp? 

For a limited time, we'll migrate your MailChimp lists, templates and automations across for FREE. 

Just upgrade to any paid plan, reach out to our support team and we'll manage the migration for you. 

This article will give you an overview on how you can get setup with SmartrMail if you've been sending with Mailchimp.

Step 1: Install SmartrMail

The first step is to install SmartrMail on your store. To do this, follow the instructions for your platform:

Step 2: Migrate Your Subscribers Across

The next step is to migrate your subscribers across from Mailchimp. The instructions on how to do this are located in this doc here.

Step 3: Recreate Any Segments You Had

If you had any segments set up based on subscriber activity (such as purchase history or email engagement) you can recreate them using Smart Segments. You can learn how to use Smart Segments here.

If you had any custom lists set up within Mailchimp (such as manual lists of subscribers you collected from an event) that you'd like to copy across, you will need to export the segment from Mailchimp and create a new list within SmartrMail in the same way as you need during step 2. 

Step 4: Recreate Your Email Design Templates

Once you've successfully migrated all your subscribers, the next step is to set up your email design template with the same appearance as you had with Mailchimp. (You can also use this opportunity to improve the design if you like.)

To learn how to set up your email design template with SmartrMail, read this doc here.

If you had multiple templates within your Mailchimp account you'd like migrate across, you can learn how to set up addition templates with SmartrMail in this doc here

Step 5: Recreate Any Automations 

If you had any email automations set up with Mailchimp (such as welcome emails), you will need to set these up individually within SmartrMail. These may include: 

  • Welcome email series (learn how to set these up here)

  • Abandoned cart emails (learn how to set these up here)

  • Cross- or up-sell emails (learn how to set these up here)

  • Win-back emails (learn how to set these up here)

  • Thank you emails (learn how to set these up here)

Step 6: Recreate Your Email Popup

If you had an email popup with Mailchimp, you will need to create a new one with SmartrMail. The instructions on how to do this are here

Alternatively, you can set up a popup with any of the third-party apps that SmartrMail supports: 

Step 7: Switch Over Any Lead Generation Forms

The last step is to switch over any lead generation forms you have on your website. The steps to achieve this will depend on which platform you're using:

  • For Shopify stores, view the instructions here

  • For BigCommerce stores, view the instructions here

  • For Neto stores, view the instructions here

Step 8: Take Advantage of SmartrMail's Superior Features

Congratulations! 🎉 You have successfully migrated your email marketing across from Mailchimp! 

Now you have the opportunity to make even more sales from your emails using features you won't find on Mailchimp such as:

  • Automated product recommendation emails (learn more about these here)

  • Greater flexibility with abandoned cart emails 

  • More conditions to create Smart Segments with (view the full list here)

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