Quickly set up your email design across all SmartrMail emails by following all the tasks in this article.

  1. Adding Your Store Logo
  2. Adding Header Links
  3. Customizing Buttons
  4. Choosing Fonts
  5. Adding Social Links
  6. Adding Footer Address & Unsubscribe Link

You can access the Design page from the menu at the top of your screen on any page within SmartrMail.

Adding Your Store Logo

Under the Header tab 

  • Click the Choose file button
  • Upload a supported image file (.png, .jpg, .gif)

SmartrMail retains your logo's image resolution, but resizes images to approximately 600px wide. For best results, upload a 600px width logo at 300dpi.

Adding Header Links

Header Links provide a useful pathway for your subscribers to browse certain sections of your site. You can add up to 6 header links in all your emails across SmartrMail.

  • First add your Header Title and Header URL 
  • Next choose your Header Link Font, Header Link Size, and Header Link Color
  • Click the Save changes button

Setting Email Colors

Under the Email Color tab, set the colors across all your emails. 

Here you can change the Logo Background, Header Link Background Color, Body Background Color, Divider line color and Footer Background Color.

Customizing Buttons

You can customize your buttons under the Buttons tab. To show your price, enter the custom tag: {price}. Ex. Buy Now ${price}.

You can change the Button Text, Button Text Color, Button Color, Button Stroke, and Button Stroke Color.

Choosing Fonts

Under the Buttons tab, you can choose from a large selection of fonts for both your Title Font and Body Font in your emails. Our hex color picker also lets you easily match your font colors according to your store's branding. 

Adding Social Links, Footer Address & Unsubscribe Link

Easily add links to your social profiles in the footer of all emails across SmartrMail. 

  • Click Add new social
  • Choose the social profile you'd like to add
  • Enter your store's social URL
  • Click Update

Note: You must click update before adding a subsequent social link.

In accordance with CAN-SPAM law and SmartrMail's Terms of Use, you must include a physical company address in your store's emails.  

You can enter your address in the Footer tab. Here you can also customize your Unsubscribe link text and remove SmartrMail branding from your footer (even though we hope you love us enough to keep it).

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