SmartrMail offers two main plans: Basic Plan and Advanced Plan. Here are some of the key differences between each plan:


SmartrMail charges a different base fee depending on your plan:

  • $45 AUD base fee on Basic
  • $149 AUD base fee on Advanced

On top of that, SmartrMail charges a different amount depending on your number of unique active subscribers:

  • $0.0075 AUD per subscriber on Basic
  • $0.01 AUD per subscriber on Advanced

i.e: Total costs for 10000, 50000 and 100000 subscribers:

Sending Limits

SmartrMail allow Basic plan users to send up to 12 times their number of active unique subscribers (i.e: 12,000 emails per month for 1,000 active subscribers).

There is absolutely no sending limit on the Advanced plan.


Here is a list of SmartrMail's feature that are only available on the Advanced plan:

Smart A/B Testing

In order to maximise your Open Rate, you might want to test different subject lines and send the one that your subscribers liked the most.

SmartrMail's Smart A/B Testing feature will allow you to test two different subject lines on a portion of your recipients, and to send the one with the best open rate to your all remaining subscribers to hit the bull's eye with each email campaign.

Multiple Product Recommendation Emails

In order to specialize even more your auto-product recommendation emails, your will now be able to automate more than one and to specialize them to pick only from your Best Sellers, your New Arrivals or you Slow moving Inventory. This will also allow you to automate Auto-product recommendation emails picking items from specific Collection and send them specifically to specific Smart segment interested in specific Collections.

Priority Support

Finally, while we do our best to serve all SmartrMail users, we do offer Advanced plan users:

  • Priority technical and strategy support
  • Automations Setup
  • Automations Optimization
  • Phone Support
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