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How does the SmartrMail annual plan work?
How does the SmartrMail annual plan work?

Learn how SmartrMail saves on average 50% off most email service providers

Written by Peter Connolly
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What is the SmartrMail Annual plan?

The SmartrMail Annual plan allows new and existing SmartrMail users to save on their email marketing budget by pre-paying for their use of SmartrMail for a year instead of doing so for a month.

SmartrMail's annual plan can be applied to any of SmartrMail's paid plans (such as the Essentials or the Pro plan) and will always reduce SmartrMail's regular pricing by 30%.

On average senders moving over from a different provider to SmartrMail save anywhere between 75% to 50% on their email marketing spending. Learn more here.

How can I access the SmartrMail Annual plan?

To access SmartrMail's annual plan, simply:

  1. Get in touch with our Customer support team via [email protected].

  2. When advised to do so, upgrade to the SmartrMail paid plan of your choice.

    1. This will lead to an initial pre-charge on the credit card of about 10% of your annual plan's cost.

    2. Shortly after, a second charge will cover the remaining 90% of the annual charge.

  3. Send emails with your SmartrMail account for an entire year without having to pay again every month for your account's base fee or the number of active subscribers that were in your SmartrMail account at the time of upgrade.


I have 2000 active subscribers, can you give me an overview of SmartrMail's cost with and without the annual plan?

For example, with 2000 active subscribers, SmartrMail's pricing on the Essential plan would be $27.13 per month. Applying the annual plan option to this plan would charge a one-off charge of $227.89 (a month-to-month cost equivalent of $18.99)

What happens if my active subscribers' list grows?

Upgrading to SmartrMail's annual plan will cover your email marketing costs for a year, based on the base fee of the plan selected at the time of upgrade as well as the number of active subscribers in your account at the time of upgrade.

If your subscribers' list size stays the same, no extra charges will be applied to your SmartrMail account.

On the other hand, if your subscribers' list size grows beyond the number of active subscribers that were in your SmartrMail account at the time when you upgraded to the annual plan, extra subscribers above that threshold will be charged on a monthly basis at the usual extra subscriber cost.

For example, if you upgraded to SmartrMail's essential plan with 2000 active subscribers in January, and your subscribers' list size grew beyond that threshold by reaching 2050 active subscribers in February, a charge covering the 50 extra subscribers will apply in February.

As a reminder, the regular price per extra subscriber is $0.0075 on the Essentials plan and $0.01 on the Pro plan. More information here.

As a result, the charge in February would be equal to 50 extra subscribers * $0.0075 = $0.37.

The following table gives an example of SmartrMail's cost while on the annual plan for a user whose list grew and shrunk throughout the year:







Active subscribers






Paid that month







Upgraded to the annual plan

Same list size

50 extra subscribers

570 extra subscribers

Back to 2000

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