Integrating SmartrMail with Neto
Learn how to integrate SmartrMail with your Neto store
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It only takes a minute to setup SmartrMail on your Neto store. 

The video above outlines the process of adding SmartrMail to your Neto store. You can also follow the steps below to get started.

Creating SmartrMail Account

You can create a SmartrMail account from your Neto CPANEL

Simply navigate to the Marketing menu section then to the Email marketing setup page.

Once on the Email marketing setup page. Click the Install button.

You'll be redirected to the Add-ons page where you'll see the SmartrMail add-on and will need to click Install.

Next click the configure button and you'll have a new SmartrMail account created for you and can begin the rest of the setup.

That's it! We'll start ingesting all your Neto customers, products, and purchase data right away.

*For larger stores this can take about an hour to complete, however you can use the app while this is being done.

Way to go! You've successfully integrated SmartrMail with Neto.

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