With our product lookup feature, SmartrMail makes it fast and easy to send e-commerce email newsletters to your customers. Instantly add products from your store complete with images, descriptions, prices, and links. There's also full flexibility to add images and texts to your emails.

Watch the video to see how easy it is:

You can also follow the tasks below:

  • Enter the Manual Emails page and click the New email button
  • For each row, choose how many columns you'd like to your content to be in (Note that it will apply to the next block you'll add)
  • Choose whether to add a Product, Text, Image, Buttons, Collection or HTML block.

  • For Products, you can edit the Title, Body, and ButtonĀ 
  • For Text, you can add Title and Body text. Then, simply highlight to edit styling.
  • For Images, upload an image approximately 600px wide and a supported image format (.jpg, .png, .gif), then add a link
  • For Buttons, add text and a link.

  • Resize your images, available in product, image and collection blocks

  • Once your email is complete, Schedule or Send your campaign

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