Adding Smart Product Blocks

Learn how to add a block with recommended products to your emails

Written by Peter Connolly
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Emails designed with SmartrMail's email composer are made up of multiple 'blocks'. You can add blocks together to design your email.

One block you can add is a Recommended Products block.

Smart Product Blocks

Smart Product Blocks will add a dynamic product block to your email that will recommend each customer a product they are most likely to buy within the Product Feed you select.

The products you see when you first add the block in the composer are simply a placeholder. The product each customer sees will be the product that best matches them according to our algorithm.

Below are the steps involved in adding a Recommended Product Block

Step 1: Adding the Block

Simply click on the "Smart Products" block in the bottom of the Add New Section modal in the email composer.


Step 2: Select a Product Feed

Now that you've added the Recommended Product Block, you need to select a product feed where we'll choose the products to recommend from. You can do this by clicking on the Product feed dropdown. This will give you an option of which feed to choose

This dropdown input is highlighted below.

Step 3: Style your Block

The last step is to style your block. Your block will be automatically styled with the default setup on your chosen Brand Kit You can change the alignment, description display, button settings and spacing within the composer.

That's it your Smart Product Block has been added to you're email πŸŽ‰

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