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How to Create a Product Feed

Learn how to create a product feed and how they work

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

Product feeds are used to determine the products you want to be included in your Product Recommendation emails.

Product feeds will set up to 250 products that will be inputted into our product recommendation engine. From there we'll personalize the selection of products to ensure products in each email are:

  • Most likely to be purchased by each customer (best seller feeds only)

  • Not previously seen by each customer in a previous email

  • Not previously purchased by each customer

Creating a Product Feed

Create a new product feed 

To get started, create a new product feed or edit your existing one. New accounts will have 3 pre-made product feeds:

  • Best Sellers

  • New Arrivals

  • Slow Moving Inventory

You can create a new product feed or select an existing one from the dropdown on the right.

Name your product feed

Give your product feed a unique name. You'll need to choose your product feeds by name within Product Recommendations.

Choose the feed type

The feed type determines how we'll order your products, picking up to the top 250 before they enter the recommendation engine.

Product feed types available are:

  • Best Sellers

  • New Arrivals

  • Slow Moving Inventory

Best Sellers - Order the top 250 products based on gross sales, quantity sold, and adds to cart

New Arrivals - Order the 250 most recently added products

Slow Moving Inventory - Order the lowest 250 products based on based on gross sales, quantity sold, and adds to cart that haven't been added in the past 30 days

Set the stock level

Choose the level of stock necessary for products to be included in the feed. 

Limit your feeds to specific products or collections (optional)

If you only want to recommend specific products or products from a specific collection, set the filter here.

It's important to note that product feeds need a minimum of 6 products to be available in your product recommendation emails.

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