Using merge tags allows you add personalized and dynamic content to your SmartrMail emails. The information for merge tags is imported from data in your email lists and e-commerce store. 

Please note that some of the merge tags are only available for specific emails and/or fields. 

Here is a list of all the merge tags available to you:

{{first_product}} - For use in Auto Product and Abandoned Carts emails only

Displays the first product shown in your email. 

{{name}} - For use only in email body on all emails

Inserts your subscriber's first name if available in your list data. 

{price} - For use only in the product button field on all emails

Inserts the listed price of your product. For use in the button field only

{price_vat} - For use only in the product button field on all emails

If you have the wholesale price set to default you can use this tag to apply the after-tax price on the product (use {price} to ignore this rate and show the default price). For use in the button field only.  Learn more about tax rates in SmartrMail here.

Click here for Custom HTML merging tags


  • When you use the {{first_product}} tag in a test email, the recommended product included in the title may not be in the email itself - this does not happen during the real campaign. 
  • Any missing field will simply appear blank in SmartrMail
    i.e: Hey {{name}} !     will become      Hey  !

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