Promote the products that each of your subscribers is most likely to purchase with SmartrMail's automated product recommendation emails. Each email contains personalized product recommendations based on each subscriber's past purchase history, browsing behaviour, and email clicks. We collect all the data and choose the products so you can do less and sell more.

To learn how to automate Product Recommendation Emails with SmartrMail, watch the video below or read the instructions beneath it. 

This article will outline each task that must be completed to automate product recommendation emails.

  • Access the Automations page from the home page and navigate to the Product Recommendations tab
  • Create a New Product Recommendation
  • Advanced Users will be able to select from 4 recommendation engines. You can learn about each by following the links below:

    1. Product Recommendation Engine
    2. Best Seller Recommendation Engine
    3. New Arrivals Recommendation Engine
    4. Slow Moving Inventory Recommendation Engine 
  • In the Email Text tab, set your Subject Line, Preview and Header
  • Add a Text Block, an Image block or a Custom HTML block (optional). They will appear at the top of your email, right after your header.

  • In the Content Mix tab, move to sliders to favour products based on Freshness and Sales. You can also set the app to choose products from specific collections using the "Advanced" button.

*Sliders are hidden on Best Seller, New Arrivals, and Slow Moving Inventory engines.

  • In the Products tab, choose how many products you'd like to show in each email and choose which products you'd like to exclude based on availability

    Here you can also a  maximum height for your product images to keep a uniform look and remove product descriptions.
  • In the Frequency tab, set the Frequency of the emails, the Day / Time to be sent at, and the Time zone
  • Click the Create button to automate your Product Recommendation Email

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