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Adding SmartrMail's Pop-up script to your website
Adding SmartrMail's Pop-up script to your website
Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

How to Add a SmartrMail Pop-Up to Your Website

Boosting your email list is crucial for effective email marketing, and one of the most direct methods to achieve this is through a well-placed pop-up on your website. To make this process as smooth as possible, SmartrMail provides a simple script that integrates your pop-up seamlessly with your site. Follow this guide to find, implement, and test your SmartrMail pop-up script.

Why Adding a Script is Necessary

The script is the link between your SmartrMail pop-up and your website. Without this piece of code, the pop-up cannot display to your visitors, missing out on potential subscribers. Implementing the script correctly ensures your pop-up is active and engaging users as intended.

Finding Your SmartrMail Pop-Up Script

To locate your script:

  1. Log into your SmartrMail account.

  2. Navigate to the Pop-up dashboard.

  3. Click on the “Installation Guide”. This section provides you with the unique script for your pop-up and detailed instructions for its installation.

Script Placement on Your Website

There are two recommended locations for your script to ensure optimal functionality:

  • Footer Section: Ideal for most websites, placing the script in the footer ensures it loads across all pages without delaying your site’s content.

  • Between the <Header> Tags: For earlier loading, you can place the script in the header. This method is less common and should be used if specifically required by your site’s design or function.

If you're not familiar with website coding, we recommend contacting the developer of your site or your hosting provider for assistance in adding the script correctly.

Enabling and Testing Your Pop-Up

Once the script is added:

  1. Enable the pop-up from your SmartrMail dashboard.

  2. Visit your website using an “Incognito” window to test. This method ensures that the pop-up behaves as if you're a new visitor, showing how it will appear to your audience without the interference of previously stored cookies.


By integrating a SmartrMail pop-up on your site, you're taking a significant step towards growing your email list and enhancing your email marketing strategy. Remember, the pop-up not only serves to collect email addresses but also to welcome visitors and introduce them to what your site has to offer. Follow these steps to ensure your pop-up is set up for success.

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