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Smart Segmenting by Collection purchased allows you to:

  • Manually send relevant new arrivals or restock alerts

  • Automate cross-sell and up-sell recommendations using Automated Flows

  • Segment customers by specific interests

Follow the steps in this article to create a segment of customers who have or haven't purchased specific products

  1. Enter Smart Segments within the Subscribers tab 

2. Click the Create new segment button

3. Name your segment

4. Choose All Subscribers to select all lists or choose the list you'd like to segment

5. In the Show section choose one of the following rules

  • Has purchased product

  • Has not purchased product

6. Search and select the collections you'd like to include in your segment

7. Click the Create Smart Segment button. Your segment will populate and be available under the Smart Segments tab.

7. Click your created segment to view your segmented subscribers

Note: Most segments will update within a minute, but larger lists can take up to 5 mins to populate.

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