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How to create coupon codes
How to create coupon codes
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The coupon code feature is currently available on Shopify stores only.

Sending offers to your subscribers is a great way to make them feel special and motivate them to purchase in your store.

SmartrMail makes it easy to send out offers to your subscribers by creating coupon codes on your behalf in your Shopify store, and including them in the copy of your email campaigns using "Coupon blocks".

Here is how you can use this amazing feature:

Step 1: Access the Coupon creator page in SmartrMail

You will find this page in the drop-down menu on the top right corner of your SmartrMail account:

Step 2: Create a new coupon

To do so, click on "New Coupon" on the top right corner

Step 3: Set up your Coupon settings:

This is where you can define what your subscribers will see and how they can use this coupon. In this section, you'll need to set up:

  • The name of your coupon: Note that this name will appear in the copy of your email

  • Code: The base of the coupon code that your subscribers will use in your checkout process

  • Type: Select if we should create one coupon for each subscriber, or a limited number of coupons. Note that in both cases, coupons will be limited to one use per customer.

Step 4: Set up your Discount and Expiration Settings

This is where you can define what your coupon will do. In this section, you'll need to set up:

  • Type: Select if your coupon is percentage-based (i.e: 10% off); if it waives a specific amount (i.e: $10 off) or if it offers free shipping.

  • Percentage or Amount: Type in the Percentage or Amount that this coupon applies.

  • Minimum purchase: Select the minimum amount that the subscriber should pay in order to use your coupon code.

  • Expiration: Select if this coupon never expires, if it is only available for a set number of days or if it stops after a specific date.

Step 5: Limit the use of your coupon to specific products (optional)

If your coupon should only apply to specific products, search for these products by name or SKU in this section.

Step 6: Save your coupon

Click on "Create coupon" on the top right corner to save your changes

Step 7: Use your coupon code in an email

This is where the magic happens. Enter any newsletter or email automation and add a "Coupon block", select the coupon that you'd like to use, et voila! Your coupon code is now appearing in your email campaign.

Et voilà! Simply finish writing your email and send it out to your subscribers to automatically send them a coupon that can be used only once the subscriber.

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