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Automating Product Recommendation Emails

Setup your product recommendation emails with SmartrMail

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

Promote the products that each of your subscribers is most likely to purchase with SmartrMail's automated product recommendation emails. Each email contains personalized product recommendations based on each subscriber's past purchase history, browsing behaviour, and email clicks. We collect all the data and choose the products so you can do less and sell more.

This article will outline each task that must be completed to automate product recommendation emails. You can also view the video below for a walkthrough of how to set these emails up.


Note: In the video, product recommendations are under Automations. They've since moved to their own page Recommendations. We will be updating these super soon!

Step 1: Navigate to the Recommendations Page

Access the Recommendations page from the home page. Click the New Product Recommendation button.

Step 2: Choose template

Choose from a pre-made template or start one blank.

Step 3: Set your Email Settings

Input your basic email settings like recipients, subject line and preview text.

You can rotate up to 5 different subject lines so a new subject line goes out for every subsequent automation.

Step 4: Edit your Product Recommendation content

Each product recommendation email will have a persistent block of 2-6 recommended products. The products you see in this block are just a preview, each customer will get a personalized selection of products based on your product feed.

Most importantly you'll need to select which product feed you want to recommend items from, and how many products to recommend.

Step 5: Add other content blocks (optional)

Add other content blocks above or below your product recommendation block like a hero image or some text introducing your product recommendations.

Step 5: Automate your Product Recommendations

Click the Enable button and set the frequency you'd like your Product Recommendations to automatically go out at.

Don't forget to send yourself a test email first!

That's it, you've automated Product Recommendations! πŸŽ‰

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