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Create an Email Newsletter

Create and send a manual email newsletter with SmartrMail

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

SmartrMail makes it fast and easy to send e-commerce email newsletters to your customers. Instantly add products from your store complete with images, descriptions, prices, and links. There's also full flexibility to add images, texts and videos to your emails.

Watch the video tutorial or follow the steps below to create your email newsletters:
P.S. we are updating the videos to show the new UI super soon!

Step 1: Enter the Newsletters page and click the "New Newsletter" button

Step 2: Select a template

The templates are professionally designed templates. You can use them as they are, but we recommend using them more as inspiration. You can change the colours and fonts to better match your brand.

After choosing a template, you can add or remove blocks as you like.

Step 3: Fill out your email's details

Give your email a campaign name (your subscribers won't see this), a subject line and an email preview text if you want. You will also need to select which subscribers to send your email to (whether it's all subscribers or just certain a list(s)).

Step 4: Add or remove blocks as you like

To remove a block, click on it and then on the cross in the blue button that appears on the top right of the block.

Clicking on the block will also present you with options to fill out the content of the block on the left of the email preview. You can also rearrange the blocks by using the blue button with the two arrows directly above the block.

To add more blocks, first, choose how many columns you'd like your content to be in from the "Add New Section" menu at the bottom of the email preview.

Then choose whether to add a Product, Text, Image, Button, Line, Coupon block Image+Collection, HTML or Video block.

Product blocks are useful for pulling an existing product's details and image straight from your e-commerce store. You can edit the product title, description and button text if you like, but you can't change the image.

If you want to use a custom image, or add something other than a product from your store, use the appropriate block type.

Step 5: Continue adding blocks until you've finished your email

Once your email is complete, Schedule or Send your campaign by clicking on the blue Schedule & Send button.

That's it!

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