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How SmartrMail Recommends Products
How SmartrMail Recommends Products

Learn how our recommendation engine chooses which products to send to each customer

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

After you create a feed of products you want to recommend, they will be inputted into SmartrMail's recommendation engine to give each of your subscribers a unique selection of products.

Our recommendation engine aims to send each of your customers the product they're most likely to buy based on their past purchases, browsing behaviour, and email clicks.

Every product gets an individual score thats linked to each individual subscriber on your list based on these personalization rules.

Here's a simple example on how it works:

If Nick & David have purchased this shirt:

Nick goes onto also buy this pair of jeans:

The recommendation engine would recommend the jeans to David as he's had the same purchasing behaviour as Nick.

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