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How to track emails with Google Analytics
How to track emails with Google Analytics

Learn about SmartrMail's Auto Google Analytics Tracking and how you can enable or disable it.

Written by Peter Connolly
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Auto Google Analytics Tracking is a feature where SmartrMail will automatically add UTM parameters to your email campaigns to assist with tracking within your Google Analytics account.

By enabling this feature, you’ll also be able to get more out of your Google Analytics account. 

What are UTM Parameters?

UTM Parameters are tags added to the URL when someone clicks on a link. For example, when Auto Google Analytics Tracking is enabled, SmartrMail will add the following tags to the URL links in your email: 




This format and type of UTM tags are optimised for Google Analytics tracking. Essentially, if someone clicks on a link with these tags to visit your site, Google Analytics will know that they were sent to your site from an email sent through SmartrMail. The final campaign tag will also tell Google Analytics which particular email sent them. The "{{campaigntype+date}}" will be replaced with the type of email (manual, auto product, etc) and the date the email was sent.

For more information, please refer to the following:

The campaigns types are:

  • Welcome - autorespondercampaign

  • Auto-product - autocampaign

  • Manual - manualcampaign

  • Automated flow - autofollowupcampaign

  • Abandoned cart - abandonedcartcampaign

The date format is DDMMYY

The campaign ID is the string of numbers appearing in the URL of your campaign's stats page

How Do I Enable/Disable Auto Google Analytics Tracking?

You can turn this feature on or off by heading to your Settings page, accessible from the drop-down menu in the top right of your screen, and then selecting the ‘Tracking’ tab.

Further Information

You can learn more about how SmartrMail tracks your sales here.

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