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How do I add a tax to my wholesale prices?
How do I add a tax to my wholesale prices?

Learn how to set a custom tax rate to use with the {price_vat} merge tag.

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

If your store tends to use wholesale prices where you don’t include sales tax, you may from time to time want to include the total price including tax in your emails to non-wholesale customers. 

With SmartrMail, you can easily do this with the {price} and {price_vat} merge tags. When you use the {price} merge tag, whatever price you have listed in your store will be displayed in your emails. By using the {price_vat} tag, the price displayed in your emails will be the price listed in your store, increased by a fixed percentage.

For Neto stores, this percentage is set to 10% (the sales tax rate in Australia) by default. As each jurisdiction will likely have a different sales tax rate, you may want to change this percentage. 

How Do I Change The Tax Rate?

Note: If you already include sales tax in your prices within your e-commerce store, then you do not need to use the {price_vat} tag.

To change the tax rate, you simply need to go to the Settings page available in the drop down menu by clicking on your store’s account name in the top right of your SmartrMail account.

Once you’re on the Settings page, you then simply click on the ‘Subscribers’ tab and then add in your applicable tax rate in the text field at the bottom left of the screen. 

Once you’ve set the right tax rate, you’re set to start using the {price_vat} tag in your emails.

Sending to Both Wholesale and Regular Customers

If you email both wholesale and regular customers, you might want to only include the tax amount in certain emails. That is, you want wholesale customers you receive the wholesale price without any tax added, but you want everyone else to receive the price with tax added. 

To achieve this, you simply need to set up a different template for either your wholesale or regular customers. You would then only use the {price_vat} tag in one of the templates and the {price} tag in the other template. You would then only send emails with the relevant template to the appropriate customer lists. 

For more information on merge tag including how to use them and whereabouts within emails they’re supported, you can read our support document on them here

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