What is Smart Resend?

Learn how to resend an email campaign to those who didn't open the first time.

Written by Peter Connolly
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If you wish to resend an email campaign to your engaged subscribers who didn't open it the first time, you can easily do so with SmartrMail's "Smart Resend" feature. 

How to use Smart Resend

You can Smart Resend by navigating to the stats page for the manual email campaign you wish to boost. On this page, you'll find a "Smart Resend" button on the right above your stats, as shown in the image below.

After clicking this button, you'll be sent to the manual email composer that will have the email campaign you're wanting to boost in it. You will be able to rename the campaign and give it a new subject line and preview. 

We advise you to slightly alter the content of the email. This is because if you send the exact same email multiple times, inbox service providers such as Gmail are more likely to flag the email as being spam. By just slightly altering the content, you are able to reduce the chance of this occurring. 

After making the change you want, you are ready to resend the email to the original campaign's recipients who did not open it the first time. You simply send it the same way you send a regular manual email campaign - by clicking on the blue "Schedule and Send" button in the top right corner.

A few things to keep in mind

  • This feature is only available for newsletters that have already been sent. You cannot resend an automations.

  • By resending a newsletter you will increase the chances of receiving complaints and unsubscribes. If this happens, it could negatively affect the deliverability of your future email campaigns.

  • We only re-send to subscribers who have opened another campaign within the last 30 days to ensure you're not sending more emails to unengaged subscribers which would lower your sending reputation

  • Open tracking is always the best estimate on any email platform. We place a pixel image at the bottom of your email, if it's opened we count the email as opened. However, some inboxes will block images by default or may clip emails, which doesn't allow us to track the open. Therefore some users may receive the email even if they've really opened it, there we suggest you change the subject line at a minimum

    And that's it! You've successfully resent your campaign only to subscribers who didn't open it the first time.

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