How are sales tracked?

Learn how we track sales attributed to SmartrMail

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For every email sent from SmartrMail, we automatically track and attribute sales that your emails influence.

By default, your store is set to a last open attribution model. If a subscriber receives and opens an email within 5 days - the sale will be attributed to SmartrMail in your dashboard. Here are few more more technical details:

  • If multiple emails were sent within 5 days to the subscriber who made a purchase, we will attribute the sale to the email most recently opened.

  • Sales are only attributed to SmartrMail if the subscriber engaged with your email. If they didn't open the email the sale won't be attributed to us.

  • If you send an email more than 5 days ago, but the subscriber opens it within 5 days we won't attribute the sale to your email.

Why do we track conversions this way?

We do this because, according to Google, 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another (for example, they'll open the email on a mobile device but then go to their desktop to make a purchase).

Other limitations with most e-commerce platforms also make this is the best way for us to track sales. Pixel tracking can be limiting if a subcriber opens an email on one device and makes a purchase on another. Adblockers can also block pixel tracking from working correctly.

These reasons make tracking conversions through a last-open attribution model the standard for email marketing in the industry.

Other options

If you're on Shopify you can also use our last-click attribution model. In this case, we'll only attribute the sale to SmartrMail if a customer click through your email and makes a purchase within the same session.

You can do this by navigating to the settings page:

Once on the settings page, select the last-click attribution model for Shopify

If you're not on Shopify and want to use a last-click attribution model, you can track sales generated by SmartrMail by using our handy Google Analytics Dashboard:

All links generated by SmartrMail automatically append best-practice UTM tags. They are:


For more information, please refer to the following:

The campaigns types are:

  • Welcome - autorespondercampaign

  • Auto-product - autocampaign

  • Manual - manualcampaign

  • Automated flow - autofollowupcampaign

  • Abandoned cart - abandonedcartcampaign

The date format is DDMMYY

The campaign ID is the string of number appearing in the URL of your campaign's stats page

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