As a store owner or marketer you may not be an expert when it comes to email marketing. With all the best practice blogs and automation guides out there, setting up an email marketing strategy that drives sales can be daunting. 

But thats okay, because with our Assisted Setup Add-On you can get a dedicated team of email geeks to setup your email marketing strategy based on what really works. With thousands of stores using SmartrMail, we've had the benefit of being able to cut through the noise and get an up-close look at what can truly drives more sales for your store.

Over the course of up to 3 months, you'll have one of our team members work with you to implement the best strategies to get more sales, train your team on how to use SmartrMail, and achieve your email marketing goals.

While it sounds great, we're sure you probably have a few questions. Here are some we've frequently answered:

What does the typical 3 month program look like?

Weeks 1-4: Initial discovery call, basic templating and migration. First newsletter review and sending, automation planning and implementation, lead capture installation, and monthly review meeting.

Weeks 5-8: Product Recommendation setup, Second newsletter review and sending, automation optimization, training and monthly review meeting.

Weeks 9-12: Optimization implementation, deliverability optimization, Third newsletter review and sending, final report and ongoing strategy overview.

What automations will I get set up?

  • Welcome email series
  • Product Recommendation Emails*
  • Loyalty email series
  • Win-back series
  • Post purchase education and cross-sell series*
  • Abandoned Cart series

*Depending on the length of engagement and your stores needs

How much does the Assisted Setup Add-On cost?

The assisted setup is currently $500/month for a maximum of 3 months.

Do I have to sign on for the full 3 months?

No, payment is month to month. To get the full value of the add-on we do recommend staying on for the full 3 months.

Do I still need to pay for a SmartrMail subscription?

Yes you'll need to sign up for one of our available plans before purchasing the add-on.

Is this available for all stores?

Not right now. Currently the add-on is only available to stores located in Australia. Also your store needs a minimum of 2500 subscribers before purchasing the add-on.

What does the add-on include?

Basic account setup and migration, automation implementation for the first 6 weeks, monthly support and review meetings, monthly newsletter reviews, and optimization support throughout.

Will SmartrMail design my emails?

SmartrMail can help migrate existing header and footer designs, or setup basic templates (logos, colours, fonts etc). SmartrMail will not design images, banners or write campaigns. This usually ends up with uninspiring copy and design. You know your brand best!

How will SmartrMail optimize my campaigns?

With structured A/B testing, savvy planning, smart segmentation, and a few handy tricks we can help you get a huge increase in traction from your email list. From re-sending altered campaigns to subscribers who didn’t open the first one, to cleaning unengaged subscribers to improve your deliverability, we’ll help you get the most sales from your list.

Can I send more than 1 newsletter a month?

Yes! To make the best use of time, we’ll plan to have you design and schedule your emails in advance. We’ll catch up at least once during each month regarding your newsletters.

How much time do I have to commit to this?

About 3-4 hours per week. We’ll come up with the ideas together and then almost all of the structural elements will be put in place by SmartrMail. You’ll just have to do the designs and copywriting.

How will we keep track of our work?

Once the you've added the Assisted Setup add-on, you'll have a inbuilt project management board within your SmartrMail account within 24 hours. Monday-Friday.

Will SmartrMail need access to my store?

This can help their team with access to your data to give recommendations and ease the migration process. However it is not mandatory. SmartrMail’s team can instead request files, info or exports when necessary.

*Theme edits and CSS styling on your site for forms are not included in the add-on

How do I sign up?

Reach out to us via the support chat. We're currently on-boarding stores with 2500 subscribers or more. We'll add the add-on to your account and we'll get started within 48 hours!

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