Our smart segments have always enabled you to send hyper-targeted emails based on your store data. Now you can also utilize your segments for Facebook advertising too! This guide will walk you through how to setup our Facebook Custom Audiences App.

Step 1: Enter existing segment or create a new segment

When you launch the Custom Audiences app you'll land on the Smart Segments page. To connect your Facebook Ads manager you'll need to enter an existing segment. Click through one of your existing segments or create a new segment.

Step 2: Connect to Facebook Ads Manager

Click "Sync to Facebook Audience" to start integrating

Connect to Facebook, you'll be asked to accept the integration on Facebook.

Next, choose the advertising account you want to connect. You can only connect 1 advertising account per app account, so make sure you connect the right one.

Step 4: Sync Segment to Existing Audience or Create New Audience

Choose Existing Audience

Create New Audience

Connect to Facebook, and voila! Your segment is now synced to a Facebook Custom Audience.

Not sure what segments to create next? Here are some ideas:

Create a Segment of Customers who've Purchased Specific Products

Create a Segment of Customers who've Purchased from Specific Collections

Create a Segment of Buyers or Non-Buyers

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