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Pro plan - Complete SmartrMail Set up
Pro plan - Complete SmartrMail Set up
Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

  • What is the Complete SmartrMail Set up?

    We at SmartrMail are passionate about seeing our clients succeed, we want what's best for each and every e-commerce store that uses our service. But of course, we understand that many merchants either don't have the time or know how to set up every aspect of their email marketing to properly maximize sales while building brand trust and rapport. Rather than having our clients outsource this costly work to exterior agencies or freelancers, we've launched an initiative and have hired digital marketing specialists, with over 15 years of experience providing first-class campaigns for multi-national billion-dollar brands, to do this for every single merchant on SmartrMail's Pro Plan.

    Our team of experts will be working hand-in-hand with our users to design, develop and execute the ultimate email marketing plans and strategies for each account. Our specialists will be tailoring everything from beautiful email template designs to perfectly hand-crafted flows - all for your store to maximize success and get you more sales. In other words, you'll have your own personal email marketing expert to lean on for everything you need!

    We're extremely proud to be the only email service provider offering this full end-to-end service and cannot wait to analyze the gains and extra sales that a complete email marketing set up will bring to your store.

  • How does it work

    Once your SmartrMail upgrades to the Pro plan, simply reach out to anyone in our customer success team through our in-app chat in order to get started.

    Your SmartrMail account will be matched with one of our email marketing specialists who will organize the following steps:

    • Discovery call: Firstly, we'll schedule a consultation call. During this chat, we'll discuss everything from design inspiration and competitor's strategies to goals, plans, and expected results. As well as this we'll do a thorough analysis of your current setup. This will provide a launching pad for our specialists to tailor and build out your email marketing templates, SMS strategies, pop-ups, and automation flows.

    • Next: We'll plan out all email and SMS marketing series to get you more sales. We'll convey these plans to you via email and provide lots of talking points and questions to stimulate a healthy discussion to better ensure we meet your goals every step along the way. Our specialists are here for you to go back and forth until a decisive goal-driven plan is launched.

    • Email Marketing Template: At this stage, our world-class design team will start drafting your brand new email template to match your brand, based on our initial discussions, your brand's website, and/or style guide. Our team knows what's up. Their knowledge of how to craft beautiful eye-catching emails which convert into real-world sales is unsurpassed. We'll provide drafts for you to review and provide feedback on, then we'll make revisions until you're completely satisfied with the end result.

    • Automated Email Marketing Flows: We'll then build out 2 complete automation flows per month. This includes all the design, copywriting and scheduling. Your flows will be best-in-class, and you'll know it from the increases in key metrics and sales you'll see. We'll continue doing this on a monthly basis until your store is fully set up for success.

    • Monthly catch-ups: Jump on Zoom or the phone with your dedicated email marketing specialist once per month to discuss marketing and flow performance, future strategies and plans, goals, what's next etc. You'll be able to pose any questions you have about your email or SMS marketing during these calls - remember they're here for your store's success. Lean on your dedicated expert!

  • What does this full setup include?

    • Long story short, your dedicated specialist team will build, write, design, analyze and plan your entire email marketing ecosystem into perfection. The one thing our specialists won't do is send your weekly or monthly newsletters, however, they will design and set you up with a beautiful brand kit for you to edit and send each time. In saying this, if you encounter any problems just hit them up and they'll be happy to help where they can. Your success is our success.

  • How to get started!

  • FAQs

    • I get my entire email marketing and SMS ecosystem set up for free? And all of this is hand-tailored for my brand? And I don't have to pay an agency or freelancer a cent? Not even a design a fee?
      That's correct, as long as your SmartrMail account is active, on our Pro Plan. Amazing huh!

    • What happens if I don't like an email template design you provided?
      Our world-class design team will work with you until you're completely satisfied. They'll provide drafts and you can provide revisions. All we ask is that your feedback be definitive and concise. Your happiness is ours too!

    • What happens if I'm on the standard plan?

      Simply upgrade to Pro and you'll be eligible for our full email marketing specialist's expertise.

    • If I had to get an agency to set this up for me, how much would it cost?

      Lots! Many agencies or freelancers will not provide full-service setups like we're offering for anything less than $5-10k. On top of that, it doesn't always include having your very own "in-house" email marketing expert to answer all of your questions.

    • But I really want help sending my newsletters! Will you be able to?
      We can help. Let's discuss this during our Zoom consultation, book a time via this link right here.

    • Will I see results?
      The team of specialists we've enlisted has an amazing history in delivering remarkable, high-achieving, digital marketing campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands. Your e-commerce store will be better for it. You can discuss goals and expected results during your first consultation call. Book a time via this link right here.

    • Will my email marketing specialist help me build my email list?
      Of course, they'll develop best-in-class forms and pop-ups for you. And guide you on the ultimate strategies to achieve your goals.

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