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How to add SMS in Automations
How to add SMS in Automations

Learn how to include text messages in your automated series

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

Automations enable you to create multi-step flows triggered by subscriber actions like joining a list or segment, placing an order, or abandoning a cart.

There are times when an SMS is much more powerful than an Email, which is why SmartrMail enables eCommerce stores to add SMS to any of their automations.

How to add SMS in Automations:

To get started, navigate to the Automations page and click the New Automated Flow button, or enter any of your existing automations.

Once your automation trigger is setup, simply click on the "+" sign below your trigger to add an SMS to your series:

Note that you can also drag the SMS Action from the side panel to any "+" sign in your automation:

Once your SMS is in your automation, click on "Compose" on the left-hand side to edit your SMS. The settings available will be the same as regular SMS campaigns (see this doc for more information).

Once your SMS is designed, simply enable this SMS, and turn "On" your new automation.

Pro Tip:

It is likely that some of your subscribers aren't subscribed to SMS Marketing. To make sure that these ones do not miss out on your offers, you can use conditional splits to send out an SMS to those who are subscribed to SMS, and an email to those who aren't subscribed to SMS.

To do so, simply drag a "Conditional split" to any "+" sign in your automation, and select "If user subscribed to SMS".

Once this is done, simply add your SMS to the "Yes" path and your email to the "No" path before editing their content.

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