Every e-commerce store should be constantly collecting new subscribers. It's simple; the more leads you have the more sales opportunities you provide for your store. The best way to get more leads is by installing an email popup. Popups have proven to be the most effective way to quickly gain new email subscribers.

To easily install our popup on your store, follow the steps in this guide or watch this short video:


Step 1: Navigate to the Pop Up page from the top menu

Step 2: Click New Popup and Set a Name and List

Click the New Popup Button on the page which will trigger a modal where you can give your popup a name, and select which list you'd like your subscribers to be added to.

Subscribers will need to be added to a manually-created list. If you don't already have one you can create one in the modal. When you're ready click the Create Pop up button.

Step 3: Design your Popup

You'll now be redirected to our Popup Builder. You'll start from a default that matches your brand colours with your logo. Everything here is editable.

You can click on any element to edit the area. To drag new blocks in simply drag one from the top left.

By clicking into each block you can edit settings like the size, spacing, alignment, stroke and colors.

If you click outside the popup at anytime you'll see tabs on the left hand side for Pop Up styles and Pop Up settings

Under Pop Up styles you can edit:

  • Popup body (Bar, Modal or Full Screen)

  • Position

  • Color and Stroke

  • Size

Under Pop Up settings you can edit:

  • Popup name

  • Subscriber list your subscribers will be added to

  • Color and Stroke

  • Size

Step 4: Design your Thank You Message

Your Thank You will show after a visitor on your site submits their email and other details (if collecting). Your Thank You will need to be the same size as your Pop Up, but you can add in other content to thank visitors for signing up.

If you are offering a discount its best practice to put it in the thank you page rather than your welcome email as its a better experience for the user rather than having to leave your site to go to their inbox.

Step 5: Preview Your Popup

To see how the popup will appear on your site. Click the Preview button at the top right. Enter a email to see how your input text and thank you message looks.

Step 6: Enable Popup

Now that your popup is looking great and you've previewed it. Click the Enable button to enable the popup on your site. Check your site to see how it looks.

Step 7: Add the popup code to your site

To ensure SmartrMail's popup works correctly, make sure you've disabled any other popups from appearing on your site.

Shopify and Prestashop stores will not need to enter any additional code on their site. If your store is on BigCommerce, WooCommerce or Neto, you will also need to complete the following steps:

  • Enter Pop up Installation Guide at the top right of the page

  • Copy and paste your unique code into the footer section of your website.

More info: Adding Custom Scripts to BigCommerce Stencil Themes

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