SmartMail manual emails designed with the drag&drop composer are made up of multiple 'blocks' to make e-commerce email design easy. That doesn't mean that you can't choose to add your own flavour - besides changing your template (available from the Design page), you can manually create collection or product blocks using the Collections block. 

The main reasons for using the collection block are:

  • Uploading your own product images to ensure sizing is uniform
  • Sharing Entire Collections using the same formatting as the Product Block


Collections are essentially blocks which are a combination of almost every other block - that is, you can insert an image, text, and a button in one single segment. 

Step 1: Add the block

Simply Click the "Collection" button in the bottom right hand corner and a "Collection" block will appear (the circled block on the left with 'Collection Title')

Step 2: Design the Collection:

Choose how you'd like to customize each component of the Collection:
In this example, I added an image of the upcoming Spring Festival, information about it, and a button which links to the site to reserve a place at the Spring Festival.

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