Watch the video or follow the steps below in the article to create a segment of customers who haven't made a repeat purchased from your store in X days and then automate a win-back campaign to them.


  1. Enter Smart Segments within the Subscribers tabĀ 

2. Click the Create new segment button

3. Name your segment

4. Choose All Subscribers to select all lists or choose the list you'd like to segment

5. In the Show section choose the following rule:

  • Has purchased any product

6. Click the Add a rule button, choose the AND connector and choose the following rule:

  • Has not ordered in (# Days)

7. Set the Days value to an appropriate max time between purchasesĀ 

8. Click the Save & Exit button. Your segment will populate and be available under the Smart Segments tab.

Note: Most segments will update within a minute, but larger lists can take up to 5 mins to populate.

8. Enter the Auto Emails page from the header menu

9. Click the Automated Flows tab

10. Click the New Automated Flows button

11. Choose the Smart Segment(s) you want to automate your messages for and add a subject line

12. Compose your email with the drag & drop composer.

13. Click the Automate button and set the time trigger you'd like your email to go out at once subscribers join your segment(s)

14. Choose Recurring so the win-back campaign will send every time a customer joins your win-back segment.

15. Click the Automate button

16. Repeat steps 9-15 for add subsequent emails to the win-back campaign.

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