Automated Flows are emails which automatically send after a user has triggered a certain condition. This example will step through the process of developing this system with one of the most essential flows you can set up.

Why have a Thank You Campaign?

  1. Thank You emails have a high conversion rate
  2. It's a chance to add a personal touch and differentiate yourself from the faceless corporate world (adding a personal tone, a photograph of your team, etc. - a good Thank You email is a way of showing your commitment to customer service).

Building it on SmartrMail

Step 1: Make a Smart Segment

Navigate to the Subscribers page, click on the Smart Segments tab, and select "Create new segment"

Use the "Has ordered in (# Days)" rule to segment your most recent customers

Step 2: Navigate to the Automated Flow Composer

Head to the Auto Emails page and navigate to the Automated Flows tab. Click the New Automated Flow button

Step 3: Set the Email to send to the segment you created

Choose the segment you created in Step 1.

Step 4: Design your Automated Flow

Your design is up to you but below is an example of what a very basic Thank You email might look like:

Some things you might want to include in your Thank You emails:

  • Actually say 'Thank You' in the subject title (the word 'thank’ performs well in subject lines).
  • Include social media sharing links
  • Include information about shipping / when the product will arrive

Then press Automate down at the bottom right hand corner:

Step 5: Automate your Thank You email

Choose how you'd like the automated flow to operate - in my case, I selected "Once off" since I don't want to be sending the Thank you Email repeatedly to the same customer.

And then we're done, nice work! Now you can relax as your customers feel a warm welcome without any more work from you.

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