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Create a Segment of New or Old Subscribers
Create a Segment of New or Old Subscribers

Learn how to create a segment of subscribers based on date added.

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

Smart Segmenting by date or days is the most popular segmentation function can be used to identify new or old subscribers on your list. Combined with email engagement rules you can easily clean your list in SmartrMail. 

Follow the steps in this article to segment based on Campaign Engagement:

1.  Enter the Profiles tab

2. Click the Smart Segments tab

3. Click the New Smart Segment button

3. Name your segment

4. Choose All Subscribers to select all lists or choose the list you'd like to segment

5. In the Rules section choose one or more of the following rules and set the value of the variable (# Days or Date):

  • Subscriber added after date

  • Subscriber added before date

  • Subscriber added less than (# Days) ago

  • Subscriber added more than (# Days) ago

6. Click the Create Smart Segment button. Your segment will populate and be available under the Smart Segments tab.

7. Click your created segment to view your segmented subscribers

Note: Most segments will populate within a minute, but larger lists can take up to 5 mins to populate.

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