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What are SmartrMail’s Essential Features?
What are SmartrMail’s Essential Features?

Learn about what is included in each of SmartrMail's plans

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What are SmartrMail’s Essential Features?

At SmartrMail, we're committed to providing a comprehensive set of tools and features that are designed to support your email marketing campaigns and overall business growth. Here's an overview of the essential features that make SmartrMail a powerful choice for your marketing needs:

Newsletters: Design and distribute attractive newsletters to keep your audience informed, entertained, and engaged.

Implement a wide range of automation triggers for various actions! Such as;

Welcome series Automation

Abandon cart series Automation

Thank you series Automation

Win Back series Automation

Repeat customer thank you series automation

Pop-Ups: Create eye-catching pop-ups to capture leads, announce special offers, or promote specific content.

Forms: Utilise customisable forms for sign-ups, or find out more about your customers such as their birthday

Analytics: Track, analyse, and report on key metrics, allowing for a clear understanding of performance and areas for improvement.

Unique Coupon Code Generator: Generate unique and personalised coupon codes for special promotions or rewards, enhancing customer loyalty. (Available for Shopify stores only)

AI Recommendation Emails: Leverage artificial intelligence to provide personalised product recommendations in your emails, tailoring content to individual preferences.

All Premade Templates: Access a rich library of professionally designed templates, making it easier and quicker to craft stunning emails.

Together, these features empower you to craft, send, and analyse targeted and personalised email marketing campaigns. Whether you are looking to convert leads, engage existing customers, or enhance your overall marketing strategy, SmartrMail’s essential features provide the robust support you need.

If you have any questions or need further assistance in utilising these features, our dedicated support team is always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us, and let's make your email marketing a success with SmartrMail!

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