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How to set up a Back in stock Pop-up
How to set up a Back in stock Pop-up

Learn how to set up a back in stock popup so your customers can find out immediately when your product is back in stock

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This type of popup is typically displayed when a customer visits a product page for an item that is out of stock. This feature is currently available for all shopify stores.

In some cases, customers can sign up directly through this popup to receive notifications when the item becomes available again. Once the item is back in stock, the customer gets an automated email or other form of notification to let them know they can now purchase the product.

The goal of a back in stock popup is to retain potential customers who are interested in a particular product, even when it's temporarily unavailable. It helps businesses to keep these customers engaged and encourages them to return and make a purchase once the product is back in stock. It's a useful tool for improving customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

​After setting up a Back in Stock popup, ensure you create a Back in Stock Email series

Step 1 Navigate to the Pop Up tab and create a new pop up
To get started click on the Pop up button on the left hand side of your screen and then click new Pop Up

Step 2 Select from the Back in Stock Sign ups template

Select the Back in Stock sign ups template and then choose from one of the premade styles or create your own.

Step 3 Configure the button style

Configure your button style.

This button will appear on your out of stock items, when the customer clicks on this they will then see the popup to enter in their information

Step 4 Configure your Popup design and settings

This is the main design and function of your popup. You can customise it from here.
On the left hand side are your elements you can drag and drop, below that the options change how your popup will display.

Step 5 Configure your thankyou message.

This is what will show when the customer has entered their information.

Step 6 Click Enable

At the top right hand side of your screen there is an enable button, clicking this will automatically place the back in stock notification on your product page as soon as that item is out of stock! Done πŸ˜€

Now you are ready to set up your Back in Stock Email Series, Learn more here.

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