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How to Automate a Back in Stock email series
How to Automate a Back in Stock email series

Learn how to automate a back in stock email series

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A Back in Stock email series is a sequence of automated emails sent to customers who have expressed interest in a product that was out of stock. The primary purpose of these emails is to notify the customer when the product they want is available again.

Before setting up a back in stock email you will first need a Back in Stock popup, learn how to set one up from here.

Step 1 Navigate to your automations tab and then click New Automated Flow

On the left hand side of your SmartrMail page click on the Automations tab, this will take you to your automations tab

Step 2 Select Back in Stock as a template

Here you can select from our premade automation templates. Back in Stock is the bottom left option. Alternatively you can create this automation from scratch.

Step 3 Configure any elements of your automation

The trigger for this automation is when someone signs up to Back in Stock alerts

Firstly they will receive an email acknowledging the request to inform the customer that when the product is back in stock they will be alerted.

Then we have the stock delay, here you can choose when to send your Back in Stock email when your stock level reaches a certain number.

The second email in this flow is the confirmation that the product is back in stock.

From this page, you can edit the emails by clicking the email and then click compose.

Tip - When setting up your Back in Stock email notifications, it's crucial to consider how you manage your inventory. If your stock levels tend to fluctuate often or you have items that sell out quickly, you might want to establish a certain threshold of available units before triggering these notifications.

For instance, if you usually restock a product with 50 units and they sell out within a day, you might not want to trigger the Back in Stock emails when there's only one unit available. Instead, you could set a threshold of 10 or 20 units, ensuring there's enough stock to meet the demand from your email notification.

Remember, the key is to balance the urgency to inform your customers that their desired product is back and the assurance that when they click through, the item will still be available for purchase. Tailoring this approach based on your stock management will lead to a smoother customer experience and higher conversion rates.

Step 4 (optional) Customise the email

This is your time to let your creativity flow, the design choices here are up to you! The product that the customer has asked for will automatically display here.

Consider adding other best sellers from your store to this email to enhance your sales opportunities.

Step 5 Click Enable Automation

When you are ready click Enable Automation in the top right of your screen and your customers will now begin to receive alerts for when your product has come back in stock! πŸ˜€

Consider adding additional emails in case subscribers have not purchased the product after a week or two by adding a time delay, and then a conditional split based on customer purchase behaviour and then another email.

From here on, your customers will be kept in the loop and given the opportunity to purchase their favorite products once they are back in stock, enhancing their shopping experience and boosting your sales.
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