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Learn what is included in SmartrMail's Free Migration Offer

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SmartrMail has been designed to be the easiest email app for eCommerce. It only makes sense to make it the easiest email app from the very first click by taking care of the migration from your existing email service provider to your new SmartrMail account.

In this doc, we will review what SmartrMail's migration package includes and how you can request each of these items:

1 - Subscriber Lists Migration

SmartrMail automatically imports all opted-in subscribers coming from your eCommerce platform. Also, it offers many different tools to easily import your subscribers, including a MailChimp integration tool.

That being said, we completely understand that moving over thousands of subscribers can be stressful. No one wants to leave subscribers behind, or on the contrary, re-subscribe contacts who previously unsubscribed.

With our Free migration package, you can ask a SmartrMail team member to access your previous email marketing platform and export your subscribers for you. The SmartrMail team member assigned to your account will then import this list of subscribers into your new SmartrMail account so that you can start emailing in a few minutes.

To request the migration of your subscribers, invite [email protected] as a new user in your previous email app, and let us know through our in-app chat when this is done.

2 - 30% off for 6 Months Offer

SmartrMail's pricing has been designed to be as transparent as possible. Only unique active (opted-in) subscribers are counted for billing purposes (unlike many other providers). Even if SmartrMail is already one of the most affordable options on the market, we understand that long-term offers are appreciated when moving from one system to the other.

For this reason, we are offering 30% off your first 6 months on SmartrMail, on any of our paid plans*! To redeem this offer, simply use the discount code "MIGRATETODAY" in your SmartrMail account's billing dashboard before selecting "Upgrade" below the plan of your choice.

*Please note that this offer is only valid for brand new SmartrMail accounts.

3 - Coaching Calls

SmartrMail's support team can be reached 24/5 through the in-app chat function, with an average reply time of under 10 minutes.

On top of that, each new SmartrMail user is entitled to a free 1-to-1 coaching session with one of our email experts. During thing session, they will:

  • Review your current email marketing strategy and advise on paths to improve it

  • Show you how SmartrMail works, and how to better utilize all its features

  • Answer all your burning question on email marketing

This free coaching call can be booked using the link below:

4 - Email Design Copy

SmartrMail can pull in your theme settings in order to automatically create an email design (Brand Kit) that includes your logo, your font family, your font color, your button color, and even your social media links in your email footer.

That being said, you might prefer to re-use a design that you used with your previous email service provider. If that's the case, simply let our customer support team know and our email experts will access your previous account in order to create a design in SmartrMail (Brand Kit) that you'll be able to use as a base for all of your future email campaigns.

To request the migration of your brand kit, invite [email protected] as a new user in your previous email app, and let us know through our in-app chat when this is done.

5 - Transfer Existing Automations

SmartrMail's visual automation composer is one of the easiest to use for eCommerce merchants. That being said, if you already have many existing automations with your current provider, it is possible that you feel unable to re-create the content of your emails with the different triggers and settings of your automations.

If that's the case, our email experts can access your previous account and re-create your series of emails with the same triggers, emails, time delays and conditional splits.

To claim this automation transfer, you'll need to upgrade to any of SmartrMail's paid plans, invite [email protected] as a new user in your previous email app, and let us know through our in-app chat when this is done.

6 - Free New Email Series

SmartrMail includes many premade automations, such as welcome email series, abandoned cart email series, win-back email series, thank you email series and browse abandonment email series, that can be edited and enabled in a few clicks.

However, premade series aren't always as personalized and enticing as an email series designed by a marketing agency. To optimize your email marketing results, our team will match you with one of our email marketing partners who will review the type of email marketing series that you do not already have and set up the one that can get you the best results. Most of the time, they set up Welcome email series, Abandoned cart email series, or Thank you email series.

To claim this automation transfer, you'll need to upgrade to any of SmartrMail's paid plans and let us know through our in-app chat when this is done.


  • How can SmartrMail access my previous email service provider's account?

You will need to invite SmartrMail as a new user in your previous email service provider (ESP). Most of the time, your previous ESP will ask you for the email address of the new user when creating a new profile. Simply use "[email protected]" for this new account and contact us through our in-app chat once this is done so that the SmartrMail team member in charge of your migration can start your migration.

  • Can you migrate the stats of my previous emails?

Sadly, it isn't possible to import email stats. We strongly recommend that you export these stats on your end if you plan on analyzing them later on.

  • Are the new email series and the transfer of existing automations free?

Yes, you do not have to pay anything "extra" for our team to handle these for you. However, we do request that you upgrade to a paid plan before our team starts creating your automations.

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