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Integrating Wheelio with SmartrMail
Integrating Wheelio with SmartrMail

Learn how to integrate your Wheelio popup with a list on SmartrMail

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Wheelio is the house name when it comes to gamification pop-ups. They invented the gamified popup and they keep pushing the boundaries. Either with new features or amazing integration partners such as SmartrMail, that enable their users to maximise the conversion rates and the bottom line. If you need anything gamified, Wheelio have you covered.

In the guide below, we'll cover how you can integrate your Wheelio pop-up to your SmartrMail subscribers' lists:

1. Install Wheelio and SmartrMail

To start integrating Wheelio with Smartrmail, make sure to have both Apps installed on your Shopify Store.

2. Find your SmartrMail API Token

Wheelio will need your unique SmartrMail API Token in order to connect your pop-up to your SmartrMail subscribers' list.

You'll find your SmartrMail API Token in your SmartrMail account's "Settings" dashboard -> Integrations tab

Copy the API Token.

3. Connect Wheelio and SmartrMail

Enter Wheelio and navigate to the integrations and click the "SmartrMail" card.

You will be prompted to enter your SmartrMail API Token. Paste here the API token that you copied in step 2 and click on "Confirm".

4. Select the SmartrMail list connected to your Wheelio pop-up

Your Wheelio pop-ups can be connected to any new list created in SmartrMail.

Note that Wheelio pop-ups cannot be connected to your "Customer" list (the list connected to your eCommerce platform).

5. Enable your Wheelio pop-up and the integration

Enable the integration and click "Save".

Et voila! Your Wheelio pop-up is now connected to your SmartrMail account. New subscribers entering through this form will enter your SmartrMail account in the list that you connected.

You can continue your setup by creating a welcome email series greeting your new subscribers with the doc here.

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