List Cleaning Using Smart Segments

Learn how to clean your list through Smart Segments

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

Smart Segments provide the easiest way for you to maintain a healthy list of engaged subscribers. Follow the steps in this article to clean your list using Smart Segments

1.  Click the Subscribers tab

2. Click on the Smart Segment and then New smart segment button

3. Name your segment

4. Choose All Subscribers to select all lists or choose the list you'd like to clean

5. In the show section choose 'Has not clicked all emails in (# Days)' and set a day value. 

6. Click Add a Rule and use AND as a connector.

7. In the next show section choose 'Subscriber added more than (# Days) ago' and set the same day value as your last rule.

Note: This value should be chosen by you based on your email frequency, but 60 days is a good reference.

8.Click Add a Rule and use AND as a connector.

9.In the next show section choose 'Orders equal Zero'

8. Click the Create Smart Segment button. Your segment will populate and be available under the Smart Segments tab.

9. Enter the Segment and click Delete Subscribers to clean your subscribers from SmartrMail.

Note: Once subscribers are deleted they can still be re-added to SmartrMail through a CSV import. You can save these subscribers by exporting the segment to a CSV.

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