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How to use your pop-up to collect SMS Phone numbers
How to use your pop-up to collect SMS Phone numbers

Learn how you can use SmartrMail's pop-up to ask your visitors for their phone numbers

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Collecting the express consent of your SMS subscribers is the first step to your future SMS Marketing strategy. One great way to get your visitors to give you their phone number is to ask for this information in your pop-up.

In this step-by-step doc, we'll cover how you can add this input to your existing pop-up:


Step 1: Create your SmartrMail pop-up by following the steps in the doc below:

Step 2: Add a Phone number field

Once your pop-up is up and running, it's time to add the Phone number input. Simply click and drag this new input in your existing pop-up.

Quick tip: Pop-ups with too many fields are rarely successful. Consider keeping only the email address and phone number field to achieve a high opt-in rate. Keep in mind that you'll get their first name, and location automatically when they'll purchase in your store!

Step 3: Set up a default Country Code (optional):

Now that the phone number input is in your pop-up, you can edit the default country code that will be added in front of your subscribers' phone numbers.

Step 4: Design your field (optional):

Make sure to make your pop-up attractive by changing its color and its size. The more your pop-up is on brand, the better your visitor's experience will be.

Step 5: Save & Exit

Click "Enable" or "Save & Exit" and you're done! New subscribers will now sign-up for your email marketing campaigns AND your SMS marketing campaigns.

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