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How SMS pricing works (Maropost CC/Neto)
How SMS pricing works (Maropost CC/Neto)
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At SmartrMail, the price you pay only grows as you grow. As email marketers, we hated that growing your list resulted in fear instead of joy due to major price increases whenever subscriber limits were reached! To alleviate this fear, we use a metered billing system rather than tiers.

We calculate your SMS pricing on a monthly basis based on the number of SMS credits selected in your billing dashboard.
Our SMS plan start at $59 AUD and includes 500 credits.

Each additional credit is based on a rate of $0.05 AUD per SMS credit.
Maropost CC (previously Neto) stores have a different pricing system here:

Credits not used on a month automatically roll over to the next month. We also offer an auto-top system if you need to send more SMS on a specific month.

Note: For campaigns requiring more than 20,000 SMS credits every month, we occasionally discount based on average weekly send volume. Send us an email at [email protected] with your store URL, list size and average weekly send volume. We'll send you a price/discount within 24 hours.

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