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Integrating Snapforms with SmartrMail
Integrating Snapforms with SmartrMail

Learn how to connect forms created in Snapforms to your lists in SmartrMail

Written by Peter Connolly
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Follow this step-by-step guide to integrate your Snapforms forms with a list on SmartrMail

Step 1: Create or choose a form to use within your Snapforms account

Within the 'Form Settings' for your chosen form, then click on 'Integrations'

where to find the smartrmail integration in snapforms

Step 2: Select SmartrMail

Scroll down until you find SmartrMail to select

Step 3: Add your SmartrMail API Key and List ID in the settings

To find your SmartrMail API Key, go to your SmartrMail settings page (accessible from the drop-down menu in the top right.

Within your settings, click on the Integrations tab and then copy the API Token.

Once you've copied the API Token, head back to Snapforms to paste it in the API Key field.

To find your List ID, select which list in SmartrMail you want customers signing up through your Snapforms form to be added to.

You can do this by selecting 'Subscribers lists' underneath the 'Subscribers' option in the left-hand column.

Then select which manual email list you want customers signing up through your Snapforms from to be added to.

When you're in the Subscriber list you want to use, Then click on get embed form, from there you can find the List ID - which is the letters and numbers after the slash

Copy this and head back to Snapforms to paste it in the List ID field.

Once you've completed this step successfully, you should have something looking like this:

Step 4: Map your Snapforms form fields to your SmartrMail fields

This is an important step as we need to know where to place the information customers add in each one of the fields in your form in your SmartrMail account.

By default, you should see three form 'SmartrMail' fields on the right: email address, first name, and last name.

If the SmartrMail list you've chosen has other fields, they will appear here too.

To ensure the information goes to the correct place, all you have to do is choose the right corresponding field on the left.

Typically, this will look like:

Step 5: Save your changes

The last step is to save the changes in your Snapforms account by clicking on the Save button in the upper right.

You're then ready to set your Snapforms form live! πŸŽ‰

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