Create a Browse Abandonment Automation

Learn how to create a multi-step automation when a subscriber abandons a browse session

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Browse Abandonment automations trigger an email or a series of emails when a subscriber is identified on your site and ends their session without purchasing or adding to cart.

Subscribers can only receive a browse abandonment automation if we can identify them on your site. This is done by either clicking through an email or by submitting their email through the popup. Once this happens we are able to identify their browsing activity for 30-days or until their browser keeps our cookie.

Before you start:

  • Browse abandonment emails are limited to users on the Unlimited Plan. To upgrade, click here.

  • To track browse sessions you need to either have an active popup or add our tracking script to your site (tracking scripts at the end of the article)

Creating a Browse Abandonment Automation

To create a browse abandonment flow, create a new automation and select the When someone abandons a browse but doesn't purchase option.

browse abandonment trigger

You can then choose to trigger the automation either

  • Every time a session is abandoned

  • Only if a subscriber has ordered previously

  • Only if a subscriber hasn't ordered previously

    trigger options

Subscribers can only receive a browse abandonment flow once per day

How a Browse Abandonment Automation Works

A browse abandonment automation will add subscribers to your automation whenever they are identified and have abandoned a browse session on your site without purchasing or adding an item to their cart.

We can identify a subscribers browser when they click through an email or submit a popup, and for every session after as long as the cookie remains on their browser.

Tracking may not work if a user browses in private mode or uses an ad-blocker.

A session is considered abandoned when the subscriber has been inactive for 30 minutes.

A subscriber will remain in the flow until they pass through all the steps to the exit, abandon a cart, or make a purchase. This is with the exception of subscribers who unsubscribe, bounce or change their subscription status on your connect platform (Shopify, BigCommerce etc)

Adding a Tracking Script to your Site

If you have an active SmartrMail popup you don't need to add this script as the popup has it built in. We recommend using our popup as you'll be able to identify users from popup signups.
If you don't have an active popup, you can add the following script before your closing </body> tag.


<script src=""></script>


<script src=""></script>


<script src=""></script>


<script src=""></script>


<script src=""></script>
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