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Browse Abandonment Troubleshooting
Browse Abandonment Troubleshooting

Learn how to test and troubleshoot your browse abandonment emails

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If you're reading this article, you've probably automated browse abandonment emails and want to make sure they're working. This article will detail how browse abandonment emails work and how you can attempt to test them.

However please note, we can't look into individual cases of browse abandonment. Many users and customers will have adblockers or browser settings that block our cookies from tracking. Looking into every case is impossible. If you have a minimum of 100 clicks through to your store via our emails per week OR 100 signups via our popup, and no browse abandonment emails have sent for 1 week we can do a deeper investigation.

How we track subscriber sessions

Browse abandonment tracking works by placing a first-party cookie on your subscribers browsers. SmartrMail's embedded code on your site will pick up this cookie and use it to identify users and their actions on your site every time a user visits your site as long as the cookie is still active.

Cookies can only be placed by:

  • Entering an email address via a SmartrMail popup

  • Clicking through a SmartrMail email

Cookies are placed with an expiry of 365 days by default. However Safari clears cookies after 7 days. Users can also choose to delete cookies themselves at any time and can even choose not to allow cookies in all modern browsers. Some apps will also delete cookies to improve computer performance.

When we consider a browse session abandoned and trigger the automation

SmartrMail considers a session abandoned after a user has made no actions for 30 minutes and has viewed a collection or product page.

Browsing sessions will not be considered abandoned if a cart is created or an order is placed

If these conditions are met and no previous browse abandonment automation has been triggered in the past 24 hours, the automation will be triggered.

How to test your browse abandonment emails

Ensure you have a tracking script on your site

SmartrMail tracks users via our popup script. If you have an active SmartrMail popup on your site, we will be tracking browse sessions. If you don't you'll need to ensure you have one of our separate tracking scripts added to your site.


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Place a cookie on your browser

The next step to test your browse abandonment emails is to get a cookie placed on your browser. You can do this by:

  • Clicking through a campaign sent by SmartrMail

  • Entering your email in the popup

Please make sure you don't have any adblockers and your browser settings allow cookies.

Abandon a session

Navigate to a product that is in-stock on your site without adding anything to cart. You can now leave the site by closing the tab or browser window.

Wait for automation to trigger

Wait 30 minutes for the session to be considered abandoned. You may also want to wait an additional 15-20 minutes, as during busy times browse abandonment automations will be queued.

If you have any extra time delays in your automation before an email sends you'll also want to wait for these to run.

Get your email

Assuming all the conditions were met you should receive your email in your inbox.

As noted before: If this doesn't work we can't look into the individual case, due to the time it would take to look into each individual users browser and computer settings. Please wait a week and send your normal emails as usual. If you have a minimum of 100 clicks through to your store via our emails per week OR 100 signups via our popup, and no browse abandonment emails have sent for 1 week we can do a deeper investigation.

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