Create an Order-Triggered Automation

Learn how to create a multi-step automation after a subscriber

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Order-trigged automations trigger an email or a series of emails when someone places an order on your site and subscribes to your newsletter. A post-purchase thank you series is the typical order-triggered automation.

Someone can only receive an order-triggered automation if they subscribe to your newsletter during checkout, or have previously subscribed. You can choose to trigger this automation every time an order is placed or only the first time an order is placed.

You can watch this video or read the article bellow to learn how to create an Order-Triggered Automation:

Creating an Order-Triggered Automation

To create an order-triggered flow, create a new automation and select the When subscriber places an order option.

How an Order-Triggered Automation Works

An order-triggered automation will add subscribers to your automation when they place an order on your site. You can choose whether the automation is triggered:

  • Every order placed

  • Only the first order placed

You can also add further filters on the trigger based on

  • Order Value

  • Lifetime order value ($)

  • Lifetime orders (#)

  • Product purchased

  • Collection purchased

To add filters, simply click the funnel button at the top right of your trigger

We will consider an order placed once it is created in your connected platform, not when it is fulfilled. For Shopify and BigCommerce merchants, SmartrMail will receive the order at this time and begin the automation instantly. For other merchants, SmartrMail will sync new orders every 3 hours and send the automation then.

A subscriber will remain in the flow until they pass through all the steps to the exit. This is with the exception of subscribers who unsubscribe, bounce or change their subscription status on your connected platform (Shopify, BigCommerce etc).

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