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How to Test Your List-Triggered Automation (ex. Welcome Emails)
How to Test Your List-Triggered Automation (ex. Welcome Emails)

Learn how to test your own list-triggered automations like welcome emails

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List-trigged automations trigger an email or series of emails when new subscribers join a particular list or are added to any list. A welcome series is the typical list-triggered automation.

Subscribers can only receive a list-triggered automation once and only the first time they join a list. This means that if they were removed from the list and re-added, they won't be added to your automation.

Below are steps to ensure you're testing your list triggered automation correctly.

Step 1: Ensure the email you want to test with isn't already on your email list or hasn't been on your email list before

If a subscriber is already on your email list, we won't send them an email. This is also true for subscribers who've previously been on your email list. Deleting an email and then re-adding it, will NOT trigger an automation.

You must test with a new email address that has never been on your list.

Step 2: Turn off Bot Protection or Whitelist Your IP

If you're testing with a SmartrMail form or popup, SmartrMail will only allow 3 form submissions per IP per week. Within your list embed form page turn off Anti-Bot Protection while testing your emails.

For testing purposes or if you have a physical store. You may also want to white list your IP. You can simply type in Google "Whats my IP?"

Step 3: Wait

Depending on how you add your email into SmartrMail, it can take up to 10 minutes to receive your automation depending on queues.

Form submissions via Shopify or BigCommerce are processed via webhooks that send your data to SmartrMail. These should take between 3-10 minutes.
Form submissions via SmartrMail embedded forms or popups are instantly added to SmartrMail and your automation will be queued immediately. These should take between 1-5 minutes.

Form submissions via Neto, Prestashop or WooCommerce are only synced every 8 hours and will be added to SmartrMail then. We recommend embedding a SmartrMail form on your site instead.

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