Cart-trigged flows trigger a flow when a subscriber abandons a cart on your site. An abandoned series is the typical cart-triggered flow.

Subscribers can only receive a cart-triggered flow if they enter their during checkout, accept receiving emails (if shown) or are previously subscribed to your list. If they have previously unsubscribed they won't receive this flow.

Creating a Cart-Triggered Flow

To create a list-triggered flow, create a new flow and select the When subscriber abandons a cart option

You can also choose to exclude subscribers who are in another list or segment.

How a Cart-Triggered Flow Works

A cart-triggered flow will add subscribers to your flow whenever they have abandoned a cart on your site.

When a cart is considered abandoned depends on your e-commerce platform. Most will consider a cart abandoned if the products remain and the page is closed between 30 minutes to 1 hour. For Shopify and BigCommerce merchants, SmartrMail will receive the abandoned cart at this time and add the email to the flow instantly. For other store providers we will sync new abandoned carts every hour.

A subscriber will remain in the flow until they pass through all the steps to the exit, make a purchase, or remove the items in their cart. This is with the exception of subscribers who unsubscribe, bounce or change their subscription status on your connect platform (Shopify, BigCommerce etc)

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