What are Workflows?

Workflows flows are SmartrMail's new visual flow builder to create multi-step automations triggered from specific subscriber actions like joining a list or segment, placing an order, or abandoning a cart.

They're an easy way to send the right message to the right subscriber at a specific point in their customer journey. Sending personalized and relevant emails is proven to increase sales and your customers' perception of your brand, with workflows you can automate these emails without having to manually send newsletters every time.

Workflows are available on all SmartrMail plans.

They are the new place for you to create

  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Welcome emails
  • Automated flows

The benefits of Workflows compared to our current automations are:

  • Easily create multi-step flows triggered by certain subscriber actions (joining a list or segment, placing an order, abandoning a cart)
  • A visual builder where you can get an overview of your workflow and the customer journey
  • A drag&drop interface where you can quickly add multiple steps to each workflow
  • The ability to design emails and create segments directly within the workflow editor

For a visual overview, check out the video below.

All other automations are going be deprecated

In a months time, your existing abandoned carts will be migrated to Workflows. However you can do this yourself by clicking the Migrate Now button you see on the Abandoned Carts (legacy) tab.

From that point onwards, you'll have another month to view your old automations so you can see the stats before these legacy automations are completely removed from SmartrMail.

What happens when you migrate an automation?

When you click the Migrate Now button, we'll copy your abandoned carts into Workflows. Each abandoned cart and followup email you had will be copied into an Email action and you'll have a Time Delay between each email to schedule them.

Your time delay will be in hours. So if you had your abandoned cart email set to send after 1 day, the time delay would be 24 hours.

Your new workflow will be turned on and your old abandoned carts will be turned off and automatically hidden.

Once you're happy with the new workflow you can turn it on. Your old abandoned cart email will automatically be hidden.

Important: Reporting stats will start from 0 on the series, but you’ll still have access to the stats from your old automations until February 2021.

Starting the migration

To start the migration simply click the Migrate Now button on any automations page.

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