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The Basics of Email Design in SmartrMail
The Basics of Email Design in SmartrMail

Understanding the basics of email design in SmartrMail

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

Designing emails in SmartrMail is made easy with a selection of templates that automatically match your brand and some that are professionally designed to give you an inspiring springboard.

This article will help you understand some of the basic terminologies behind templates and Brand Kits.


You can create and edit templates on the Templates page

Templates give you a starting point for when you create a new newsletter or automation. You can simply add blocks to arrange them how you like, or you can add content that can be edited when you go to create your emails at a later time.

The templates you create will be the first ones available in the selector when you create a new Newsletter or Automation.

You can edit templates at any time and it won't affect existing automations that use that template.

Brand Kit

Brand kits are your brand styles that set defaults on your templates and emails. They're elements that should match your website. Like your logo, colours, fonts, social links and store address.

When you first install SmartrMail we'll automatically match your style to your website automagically. However, you might want to tweak this to better suit an email format.

SmartrMail uses the style to give you a selection of branded templates you can use to create your emails.

You can edit your initial style and create new styles on the Brandkit page which is accessible on the left-hand side.

When you're creating a template, automation or email you'll be able to edit each element.

Important: Changes made to the Brand kit will affect all automations using the Brand kit

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