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Migrating to the New Pop Up Builder
Migrating to the New Pop Up Builder

Everything you need to know about SmartrMail's new pop up builder

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What is the new pop up builder?

SmartrMail's new popup builder gives you a drag & drop interface to create your popups with more flexibility than our current editor.

The new pop up builder is available on all SmartrMail plans.

The benefits of our new popup builder compared to our current editor are:

  • A drag & drop interface where you can add an unlimited number of blocks

  • Collect names

  • Collect all custom fields like gender, interests, birthday (coming soon)

  • Get inspiration from professionally designed templates (coming soon)

The current popup builder will be deprecated

Now that you have access to our new popup builder we will deprecate our existing popup builder on January 19, 2021.

At that time, your existing popup design will be migrated to the new builder. However for merchants on Bigcommerce, Neto, and Woocommerce, you will need to update the script tag on your site that triggers the new popup.

So you don't have any interruptions in your popup appearing when we deprecate the existing builder, we recommend migrating yourself f by clicking the Migrate Now button you see on the Pop Up page.

What happens when you migrate a popup?

When you click the Migrate Now button, we'll copy your pop design into the new builder. You will then need to update the script on your site by following the instructions linked from the Pop up Installation Guide.

Important: Reporting stats will start from 0 on your new popup

Starting the migration

To start the migration simply click the Migrate Now button on the existing Pop Up page.

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