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How to Automate an Upsell Series with Automations
How to Automate an Upsell Series with Automations

Learn how to automate emails to upsell products based on customer preferences.

Written by Peter Connolly
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Use the Upsell Series email sequence with Automations to boost revenue, build positive customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value.

Follow the steps below to create an upsell series for your store.

Step 1: Navigate to Automations and Create a New Automation

To get started creating an Automation, navigate to the Automations page and click the New Automation button.

On the template selection panel, select "Create from scratch". Next, give your Automation a name.

Step 2: Configure your Trigger Settings

To create an Upsell series, select the trigger" Whenever someone places an order":

Triggers sometimes have sub-options in order to tailor your store's unique needs. For an upsell series, we recommend that you select "Every Order Placed" as you'd like this email to send every time your customers place an order.

Note: Once you select a trigger and save, you can no longer change the trigger of the automation.

Step 3: Add a Time Delay

Time delays add a delay between actions in your workflow. For an upsell series, we recommend giving enough time to your customers so that they can receive their original order. In this example, we'll use a 40 days delay.

Step 4: Add an Email

Next, Click on the plus sign to add an action and add an email to the Automation. You can give it a name for your own records and a subject line. Then click Edit to design your email.

You'll be directed to our email composer where you can add content and create your campaign.

Note that you can automatically show the last product that your customer purchased by adding a "Smart Product" block, and selecting the "Last product purchased" product feed.

The design of this email is up to you, but typically in your first email you simply want to ask customers how was their experience and let them know that it's time to re-order from the same collection/product.

Once you're done, click Enable and you'll be directed back to your automation.

Step 4: Add a Time Delay

Add another Time delay with a short time frame with the aim of contacting your customer once again a few days later.

Step 5: Add a Conditional split

After your time delay, you will need to understand who made a purchase after the first email and who didn't. To understand this, add a conditional split, and click on the plus sign to add it.


For the conditional split paths, you will be asked to select which rule to apply to subscribers.

The goal of an Upsell series is to make sure that subscribers reorder. As such, we recommend selecting "Order placed" and the sub-setting ''Since joining the flow''.

The conditional split has 2 paths.:

  • Yes (which means the subscriber made an order)

  • No (which means the subscriber didn't make an order)

Step 6: Add an email under the "No" Path

Typically in this email, you'd want to again remind your customers to order and possibly offer a discount.

You don't need to add another email under "Yes" Path since these customers did place an order after receiving your email.

Step 7: Enable Workflow

Now that all your emails are in place. Click Enable at the top right of the screen. You'll be prompted to confirm that you'd like to enable your Upsell series.

That's it. You're done! Congrats on creating your reorder series with SmartrMail πŸŽ‰

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