Thank you emails are a nice way to say thank you to your customers after they make a purchase. With Automations you can setup multiple emails in this series so you can do additional brand building or prompt customers to do actions like share their purchase on socials.

Follow the steps below to create a thank you series for your store.

Step 1: Navigate to Automations and Create a New Automation

To get started creating an automation navigate to the Automations page. Click the New Automation button.

Next give your Automation a name.

Step 2: Configure your Trigger Settings

For a thank you series you'll want to create a segment-triggered automation, create a new automation and then select a segment from the dropdown on the lefthand side of the automation builder. You can select our pre-made segment Recent Purchasers or create a new segment at the bottom of the dropdown

If you need to create a segment. Add rules to segment customers that have ordered recently

  • Has ordered in # days

*The amount of days is dependent on how long your thank you series will go for as once customers leave the segment they will be removed from the automation

After you select a segment, choose the rules for when subscribers join the segment. For a reorder series you want to choose Whenever rules match as you'd like this email to send every time a customer orders

Once you select a smart segment and save, you can no longer change the list that triggers the automation.

Step 3: Add an Email

For this reorder series I'm going to trigger my first email immediately after subscribers enter the segment, so I'll place an email directly under the trigger.

Once you drag your email into the automation. You can give it a name for your own records and a subject line. Then click Edit to design your email.

You'll be directed to our email composer where you can add content and create your campaign. Once you're done, click Enable and you'll be directed back to your automation in progress.

The design of this email is up to you, but typically in your first email you simply want to thank customers for their order.

Step 4: Add a Time Delay

Next before we add another email, we will schedule it by using a Time Delay.

Time delays add a delay between actions in your automation. To add a Time Delay, drag it into your automation.

From there set the time you'd like to delay the next action until. Typically you'd want to wait until your customer has likely received their order.

Step 5: Add another email

After the time delay is added we're now able to add another email. Again you can drag the email under your Time Delay. Once you've done that, design and enable your email.

Typically in this email you'd want to get your customers to do an action like follow you on socials, share their purchase on socials or leave a review.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 & 5 (Optional)

If you'd like to add another email to your series. Simply repeat steps 4 and 5 by placing another Time Delay and Email under your last Email placed.

Step 7: Enable Automation

Now that all your emails are in place. Click Enable at the top right of the screen. You'll be promoted to confirm that you'd like to enable your welcome series.

That's it. You're done! Congrats on creating your reorder series with SmartrMail 🎉

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