Segment-trigged flows trigger a flow when they join a particular smart segment. Typical flows that can be triggered from a segment-triggered flow include:

  • Win-back series - automate a series of emails when customers who have purchased previously are at risk of not purchasing again
  • Thank you series - automate a series of emails thanking customers after they've made a purchase
  • Cross-sell or up-sell series - automate a series of emails after a customer has purchased a specific product or collection recommending them other related products
  • Re-order or refill series - automate a series of emails reminding customers to re-order their last items purchased if they've run out
  • Birthday series - wish customers a happy birthday and give them a discount as a gift

You can configure your flow so subscribers can receive segment-triggered flows either the first time they join a particular segment or every time they join a segment.

Creating a Segment-Triggered Flow

To create a segment-triggered flow, create a new flow and select a smart segment from the dropdown on the lefthand side of the flow editor. Smart segments are marked with a ⚡️.

You can also choose to exclude subscribers who are in another list or segment.

After you select a segment, choose whether you'd like the flow to be triggered every time subscribers match the segment rules or only the first time they match the segment rules.

Once you select a smart segment and save, you can no longer change the list that triggers the flow.

How a Segment-Triggered Flow Works

A segment-triggered flow will add subscribers to your flow whenever they join a particular smart segment.

Subscribers can either receive a segment-triggered flow every time they join the segment or only the first time they join, depending on what you set.

If you choose to Whenever rules match. If a subscriber removed and re-added to the segment they will receive the flow. However they must leave the segment and rejoin it for the flow to be triggered again. If a subscriber remains in the segment and matches the rules for another instance of actions, they won't enter the flow again.

If you choose to When they first match. If a subscriber is removed and re-added to the segment they won't receive the flow.

In both cases, subscribers won't receive the flow if they've been in the segment with a suppressed status and then become subscribed. For example a subscriber being unsubscribed but their status changing to subscribed.

A subscriber will remain in the flow until they pass through all the steps to the exit. However they will exit the flow if they are no longer in the trigger segment. This is in addition to subscribers who unsubscribe, bounce or change their subscription status on your connect platform (Shopify, BigCommerce etc)

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