Add a Conditional Split to an Automation

Learn how to split your automation into two distinct paths

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Conditional Splits split your automation in two distinct paths based on whether or not a subscriber:

  • Is in a segment

  • Has placed an order

It's a useful way to tailor your email content based on a subscribers actions or data so you can send them the right message based on their customer journey.

For example you could add a split in your Welcome Series based on whether or not the subscriber placed an order since the first email. You may want to incentivize those that haven't purchased, while getting new customers to engage with your brand on socials.

Here's a welcome series tutorial that uses conditional splits:

Adding a Conditional Split

To add a split to your Automation, drag in into the position you'd like. Then select the type of split you want to use.

Configuring a Conditional Split by Segment

To configure a split by segment choose to split your path If someone is in a segment. Then simply choose an existing segment or create a new one at the bottom of the dropdown list. If you create a new segment, after you set the conditions, you'll be redirected back to your Automation.

Conditional splits will evaluate whether a subscriber is in a segment based on the available data at the time. Segments attached to conditional splits update every hour.

Configuring a Conditional Split by Order

To configure a split by order first choose to split your path If someone has placed an order. Then you can choose from 3 order conditions:

  • Has placed order since joining this flow

  • Has placed order at anytime

  • Has placed order in # days

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